Life on the Ottoman Border: Essays in Honour of Nenad Moačanin


Vjeran Kursar (ed)
Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Katedra za turkologiju Odsjeka za hungarologiju, turkologiju i judaistiku i Odsjek za povijest


The articles written by friends, colleagues, former students, and one current doctoral student collected in this celebratory volume dedicated to the doyen of Ottoman studies in Croatia, Professor Nenad Moačanin, are divided into three main chapters entitled “Ottoman Bosnia, Turkish Croatia, and Turkey in Europe,” “Distant Borders and Regions,” and “Glimpses Beyond the Ottoman Border: Habsburg Croatia and the Republic of Dubrovnik.”

The first section consists of the articles predominantly dedicated to the main fields of interests of Nenad Moačanin, namely social and economic history of the Ottoman Empire, with special focus on Ottoman Bosnia, the Balkans and Central Europe, as well as the Ottoman borderland in Croatia.

The second section entitled “Distant Borders and Regions” brings three articles which are geographically remote from the Western Balkans and Central Europe, such as Crimea, Syria, and Palestine, but nevertheless fit well into the conception of the volume by offering a possibility for comparison of distant regions.

The third section “Glimpses Beyond the Ottoman Border: Habsburg Croatia and the Republic of Dubrovnik” contains five articles which provide an important insight into the situation on “the other side.”

The volume also includes a biographical overview of Professor Moačanin’s scientific and educational career at the beginning, and the bibliography at the end of the volume .



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Life on Ottoman Border



ožujka 4, 2022

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